About Naturesave

About Naturesave Green Insurance

Naturesave are the only insurer broker in the UK to include cover for your small renewable energy systems as standard in our household policy.

We have a strong commitment to our environmental policy and ethical business practices.

Naturesave Policies Ltd was founded in 1993 by Managing Director, Matthew Criddle and is based in Totnes in Devon.

Our Recent Achievements :

In April 2011 Naturesave we were thrilled to be awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Sustainable Development category in recognition of its work. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise are awards for outstanding achievement. We are the only insurance company to have received the award in the Sustainable Development category.

We wanted to do something that mattered, and that could “make a difference”.  In the late ’80s we became more aware of global-warming and climate change, and what this could mean for all of us, and future generations, if we just sat back and let it happen.

We believe that if you want to see change, you ultimately have to get involved and whilst we recycled household waste, used energy saving methods at home, travelled by train wherever possible, we wanted to work towards getting other people, and businesses, to look at the ways in which they too could save/recycle/conserve/preserve by adopting more environmentally-aware trading practices and lifestyles and to the extent to which the insurance industry could be used to achieve this goal.

Naturesave is ethical in that it offers is a good service for what is a necessary part of everyday life, together with contributions to specific environmental and conservationist projects, free Environmental Performance Reviews (EPR) for SME clients and lobbying within the insurance industry. On the wider stage Naturesave is striving to change the way the insurance industry works – currently by “mopping up” the effects of accidents, some of which are undoubtedly due to human-induced climate change.  Naturesave’s primary objective is to use the insurance industry as a vehicle for sustainable development.

The Naturesave Trust is the charitable arm of Naturesave and we have funded a broad variety of projects throughout the UK from water voles and bats to renewable energy and recycling projects. Additionally we have assisted many businesses and organisations in becoming more environmentally aware in their trading practices through the Environmental Performance Reviews.

Naturesave enjoys connecting with like-minded individuals to change the way we work to improve our environment – many of our commercial clients are also “green” but increasingly, and as importantly, we are attracting firms who have not yet had time to consider the commercial mechanics of sustainable development and the growing eco-curious sector of the market.

Here is the citation provided by the Queen’s Award office:

Naturesave Policies Ltd t/a Naturesave Insurance is an exemplar ethical insurance cover provider for individuals, companies and the voluntary sector throughout the UK, which has set a clear benchmark for others within the insurance industry.

Sustainability and ethical business practices are at the core of the company’s commercial activities, with preferential treatment given to charity or not-for-profit organisations.

Naturesave Insurance has taken an innovative approach to promoting sustainability through its wider operations, including thorough commitments to make all business journeys via public transport, and incentivising staff to avoid air travel for holidays.

The company effectively engages with the wider sustainability agenda, delivering benefits within the wider community through the Naturesave Trust, a charitable trust funded through the company’s premiums, which gives grants to environmental, conservation and community renewable energy projects throughout the UK.

Naturesave is a CarbonZero Business. By offestting our carbon we are supporting a range of carbon offset projects, including our African Energy Efficient Stove Project, in which we supply families in Kenya with fuel efficient cook stoves. Each stove prevents 3 tonnes of CO2 a year and saves the family time and money as well as providing a cleaner and more efficient method of cooking.

Green insurance doesn’t have to cost the earth

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