Ecotricity – The Festive Spirit of Giving


Who supplies your electricity and gas? Ever thought about getting away from the ‘Big Six’ but don’t know where to go. Ecotricity supplies homes and businesses with 100% renewable electricity.

Changing the way our energy is made is the biggest step toward reducing carbon emissions and limiting climate change.

The latest report from the experts at the IPCC says that the world’s electricity can and must be generated from low-carbon sources by 2050 or face catastrophic consequences. That means we must act now.

Ecotricity does exactly that: invests money from our customer’s energy bills into building new sources of renewable energy – ‘turning bills into mills’.

On average over the last decade, Ecotricity has invested more per customer into building new sources of green energy than anyone else – bar none.

In fact, Ecotricity supplies the greenest energy in the industry, and is the only energy company in Britain to supply green gas.

Their customer service is the best in Britain according to the latest Which? Consumer Satisfaction Survey. Which has meant they have had the lowest number of complaints in the industry for the last five years.

Ecotricity has ethical pricing too – just one price and one tariff for all customers, however you pay, whenever you joined them, with no exit fees.

Sign up here or call 08000 302 302 and receive a £50 John Lewis voucher when you switch.green_fatherchristmas_600

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