The Naturesave Trust – New Projects April 2014

The Naturesave Trust and NedThe Naturesave Trust has been busy over the past couple of months, keeping in touch with all of our successful applicants and finding out about their progress and we are delighted to say that we have been able to release funding for six projects.

Action for Sustainability
The Trust provided funding to purchase some renewable energy kits which will enable children to have first-hand experience of renewable energy technology and help them to reach some understanding of the advantages and disadvantages associated with their use. By making this purchase, the project offers schools the opportunity to engage in an activity at a level of which most schools will not have the capital to commit to themselves on an individual basis.

The Trust provided funding towards start-up costs for Egni’s development of solar energy on community owned buildings in Wales.

Marine Stewardship Council – Fish & Kids
Fish & Kids is an educational programme that brings the Marine Stewardship Council’s message of safeguarding seafood resources into Primary Schools. The programme aims to increase awareness of both marine environmental issues and sustainable seafood options among children, their parents, their teachers and seafood suppliers to schools and secondly, to encourage schools to serve sustainably source seafood to their students.

New Caledonian Woodlands – Woodlands Weekend Project
The Trust helped fund New Caledonian Woodlands’ Woodland Weekend project from June to December 2013, enabling woodland management courses and creating activities at five diverse woodland sites involving 62 volunteers and resulting in 186 volunteer days being delivered.

Sustrans – The Dartmoor Way
The Trust provided funding to help Sustrans create The Dartmoor Way Cycle Route, a 95 mile-long circular route cycling around Dartmoor National park.

Scottish Seabird Centre – SOS Puffin
The Trust has helped the Scottish Seabird Centre by pledging funding towards their project to clear the island of Craigleith of an invasive tree mallow, which had led to the decline in the population of the breeding pairs of Puffin.

We are also delighted to report that the Core50 Ackers Project that featured in our last Trust updated have contacted us to let us know that their planning permission has been approved and that it’s full steam ahead on their wind turbine project. Congratulations to all involved.

Below are a few pictures that we have received in the last couple of months of our Naturesave Trust plaques in situ at various projects. We are about to release funding to Fitzmaurice Primary School for their solar project and to the Dorset Wildlife Trust, so more details will follow in our next update in July, but we just love the photos, especially the one of the children, with our brand new plaque design.

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