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Sustainability is at the very heart of ODE-true food.  Guided by sustainable principles in every aspect of “what we do” has enabled Ode to grow and develop. Their family micro business is to date the highest rated restaurant and cafe in the UK putting them firmly at forefront of the sustainable food movement.

ODE dining and cafe ODE are both in Shaldon but at different locations. They are unique, offering innovative, quality food and service in differing environments but most importantly they hold the same core values.

ODE business focuses on three key areas – Sourcing – Environment – Community

Lets not waste food this festive season, use all your left overs in this lovely simple recipe from the SRA restaurant of the year.

ODE spiced savourChristmas table setting in retro styley pancake

This recipe that can be made in minutes and uses any items you might have in your fridge. Add some curry spice and this creates an exotic savoury snack that can be enjoyed on the go inspired by the Asian Martabak or Caribbean roti, perfect street food!

This dough can be made in minutes and uses a simple recipe with ingredients every kitchen should have. After making the dough allow to rest for 20 minutes, while you collect all your left over ingredients

Ingredients for 4 portions
250g flour bread flour
75ml water
1 egg
2 tbsp Rapeseed oil

Add all ingredients and mix well using your hands to form a soft bread like dough


This pancake can be filled with any items. We suggest you cook off 1 shredded onion in some butter or oil, add a tbsp of curry powder, then simply add in your left over’s and mix together and bind the filling. Think spicy bubble and squeak!

Its great with leftover mash or chopped roasted potatoes, vegetables and any cooked meats such as chicken or beef, just add spice! There’s always meat left on that roast chicken, alternatively leftover cooked beef mince is a perfect option!

For the pancake clear a space on a work top, lightly oil the surface, pull a table spoon ball of dough and mould it into a round ball, squash using the palm of your hand , gently using your finger tips in a circular motion begin to spread the dough to make a round, working inside out. The dough should be the size of a medium sauce frying pan and almost see through.

Heat a non stick pan on the stove, when the pan is hot, lift the pancake off the work surface and place into the pan. Turn the heat down. After a minute the pancake will begin to colour.  Add a large spoon full of your left over creation into the middle of the dough. Use a palette knife to fold over the sides of the pancake to the centre creating a square parcel. Flip the pancake over and cook for a further 2 minutes. The filling at this stage will be heated through and ready to eat.

The dough will seal itself creating a square pasty like parcel. Remove from the pan, cut in half and serve.

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