Only Planet – The Festive Spirit of Giving

Only Planet by Ed Gillespie

This year, Futerra Co-Founder Ed Gillespie launched his first book ‘Only Planet – a flight–free adventure around the world’.

In an inspirational tale of global adventure, Ed takes anything but a plane to circumnavigate the world. From cargo ships to camels, hitch-hiking to hovercrafts, Ed proves that getting there really is half the fun. Follow his epic tale, across shamanic lakes, Mongolian deserts and jungle volcanoes. Meet grizzled sea-dogs and drunken smugglers, billions of butterflies and peckish pythons.

This modern world fable is about the exhilaration of taking it slow, and about rediscovering hope for humanity and for the planet we all share.

£17.49 incl. p&p

Futerra are offering Naturesave customers a festive 33% off by using voucher code F33RERA at the checkout. Visit the Futerra website to order your signed Christmas copy, and if that’s not enough £2 gets donated to The Naturesave Trust.

“An inspiring reminder of the adventures and experiences to be had, if you just avoid that airport security queue!” – Mark Smith, author of ‘The Man in Seat 61’

“With a shaft or three of enlightenment, a healthy dose of irreverence, Only Planet inspires us to carry on living, loving and travelling well” – Jonathon Porritt – Forum the Future

“With wit, welly and wisdom, Ed reveals the fine-grained texture of the world at ground level. Required reading for the slow traveller” – Carl Honoré Best-selling author of ‘In the Praise of Slow’

Futerra is a world leader in sustainable development communications. Founded over 13 years ago, their mission is to make sustainable development so desirable it becomes normal.

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