Small Scale Community Renewable Energy Insurance

Affordable insurance for community Wind, Solar PV and Hydro systems under 750 kW

If you are thinking of installing, or have recently installed a Small Scale Community Renewable Energy system, then we have a new insurance scheme that can comprehensively cover your renewable energy system at a competitive premium.

Since the introduction of the Feed-in Tariff in April 2010, many communities are investing in installing small scale solar, wind or hydro schemes to reduce energy costs and take advantage of the additional income available.

Our Small Scale Community Renewable Energy insurance provides cover for:

  • Material Damage – coverage including storm, lightning, theft and fire
  • Mechanical Breakdown – over and beyond any warranty cover
  • Loss of Revenue – emanating from either material damage or mechanical breakdown of the renewable energy system
  • Public Liability – third party property damage or bodily injury caused by your renewable energy system.

This scheme has been specifically developed for Community Renewable Energy Groups, Farm and Estate Manages and Small Commercial installations.

Cover is available for Wind, Solar PV or Hydro systems up to 750 kW in isolation, or as part of a group of project sites, which are individually less than 750 kW.  It is the intention to expand to other systems, such as anaerobic digestion, as they become more commercially viable.

If you wish to complete online, please download our proposal form from our Insurance Documents Download area.

If you are unsure about the level of cover required, or about types of business insurance, please do not hesitate to call us directly on 01803 864390 or Contact Naturesave for help and a quotation.

The Naturesave Trust also offers grants for Community Renewable Energy Projects – please visit the page for more information.
Green insurance doesn’t have to cost the earth

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