The Naturesave Trust – The Festive Spirit of Giving 2014

The Naturesave Trust - Festive Spirit of Giving

2014 was a good year for The Naturesave Trust. In June, we added 10% of small scale renewable energy systems insurance premiums into the Trust. This is enabling us to help many more community renewable energy projects throughout the UK in their aim of installing a renewable energy system to benefit their environment and their community.

Over 40% of all our funding in 2013/14 has gone to community renewable energy projects. In August we produced our Trust Update to let our customers know what projects the Trust money has helped.

We have created handouts this year to show you the exact relationship between Naturesave Insurance and The Naturesave Trust, plus how the 10% of small scale renewable energy premiums help Trust projects.

We are extremely proud of the work that The Naturesave Trust does and hope to continue to grow the number of communities, charities, non-for-profit groups that we can help in 2015.

For more details on the work we do and how you can apply for funding please visit The Naturesave Trust section of our website –

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