Projects Funded by The Naturesave Trust

The Naturesave Trust has funded hundreds of individual projects, including renewable energy initiatives, wildlife conservation and management, recycling projects and sustainable transport projects.

Here is a selection of projects recently funded by the Trust:

Environmental Conservation Projects

Our conservation projects are designed to protect wildlife, improve biodiversity and to improve knowledge and appreciation of the natural world through education

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit

A small charity in northeast Scotland dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales, dolphins & porpoises through scientific investigation & monitoring, environmental education, and the provision of a 24-hr veterinary service for sick, injured and stranded cetaceans. Read more>>>


Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust -Cotswold Water Park Reserves Restoration

The Naturesave Trust, along with Hanson Brick contributed to a project to enhance the biodiversity and public access to the nature reserves at Whelford Pools SSSI and Roundhouse Lake SSSI, providing marginal and open water habitats for many important species including Cetti’s Warbler, Great Crested Grebe, Water Rail and Lapwing. Read more>>>


The Sylva Foundation The Sylva Foundation is an environmental charity working nationwide to ensure Britain’s woodlands thrive for people and nature, and to encourage the innovative use of the sustainable products they produce. Naturesave helped to support the creation of a small community orchard planted with native fruit and nut trees. Read more>>>

  Centre For Alternative Technology – CAT’s Eco-cabins are designed to allow young people to monitor their resource use and environmental impacts for the duration of their stay, seeing how much electricity, firewood and water they consume.  However, having been built over 25 years ago, the cabins needed upgrading to demonstrate and teach about sustainable living most effectively. To help deliver this, the Naturesave Trust contributed £2,000 towards the cost of upgrading the heating system. This enabled the centre to install modern state-of-the-art renewable heating systems, to improve the comfort of the cabins. Read more>>>

Social Enterprise Projects

These projects have a strong social dimension and a focused improving outcomes for communities or disadvantaged groups. Projects also often include a sustainable bias.

  The Calvert Trust Based in Exmoor in North Devon, this centre helps disabled people to achieve their potential through the challenge of adventurous activities in the countryside. The Naturesave Trust provided a grant to fund the installation of a 199kw biomass boiler which now provides the centre with all its hot water and central heating needs. This investment replaces an oil fired boiler, reducing both costs and emissions. Read more>>>

Fizz Bikes A local social enterprise which believes that the more people cycling, the better it is for everyone. It wants to make electric bicycles accessible to anyone willing to use one for their commute to work, and when out and about. The Naturesave Trust funded 3 e-bikes, which are rented out for a minimal monthly fe. Fizz Bikes hopes to demonstrate to local organisations and business that e-bikes are a viable alternative to the car, and engage with them to financially subsidise the scheme. Read more>>>  
Lifecycle UK A project recycling unwanted bikes refurbished by inmates of HMP Bristol and then offered for sale to those on low incomes. The project helps prisoners to learn new skills and work towards qualifications. It also offers low cost and sustainable transport options for local people.


Community Renewable Grants

The community renewable energy model helps communities reduce CO2 emissions, combat fuel poverty, improve energy security, improve community cohesion and create local jobs. The Trust seeks to help communities access these benefits, in particular, those that do not have the initial start up capital to undertake all the preliminary work to get to the planning stage. This also helps the community to retain as much control as possible over the operating income, once the project has been successful.

    South Dartmoor Community Energy This not for profit community benefit society aims to help local communities become more energy efficient, and to get involved in, and benefit from, renewable energy projects. The recently launched energy advice team will be delivering an extensive programme of outreach activity across South Devon, to help reduce fuel poverty and encourage people to engage in the world of energy and its various sources.  
  Herefordshire New Leaf Non-for-profit co-operative developing the UK’s first community-owned solar PV installation on a closed landfill site in Herefordshire. This will be a 1MW solar array, providing sufficient electricity to power the equivalent of 165 homes. Read more>>>  


Jamie’s Farm transforms the lives of vulnerable urban children between the ages of 11-16 by providing a unique combination of ‘farming, family and therapy’ during an intensive week of living and working on a farm. At the new site in Hereford, the Trust has contributed towards the installation of a biomass boiler to provide all the space heating and hot water, as well as additional related activities for the children in the form of coppicing and log chopping.

Environmental Performance Reviews (EPRs)

The Naturesave Trust continues to fund Environmental Performance Reviews (EPRs) for Naturesave’s  commercial customers, helping small and medium sized enterprises to become more sustainable in their trading practice. Additionally, the Trust has funded many projects including biomass, wind, hydro and solar.

Tree Planting Programme

The Naturesave Trust has also set up a ‘Naturesave Grove‘ of native trees in the Caledonian Forest in Scotland, planting a tree as a gift for every Naturesave household policy holder who has been a client for 10 years or more, as a thank you for continued support.  For more information, please visit our Trees For Life page, or visit the Trees for Life website.

For more detail on a selection of projects the Trust has funded in 2016/17, see here –  Naturesave Trust Leaflet. We also have a full list of all the projects that The Naturesave Trust has helped fund over the years. The scope of projects submitted to the Trust is very broad and we hope that these projects are the type of projects you feel we should be supporting. Perhaps there is a project close to your heart which you would like us to help fund? If so, please send us a completed application form. If you would like more information on the projects listed above, past projects or the work of the Trust in general, contact Bee West, Trust Administrator on 01803 864390 or Contact Naturesave.     FULL LIST OF PROJECTS FUNDED 
Dormice In Danger – Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.
Puritan Primary School – Wildlife Area Redevelopment.
Community Supported Agriculture – Funding for A-Z Guide.
Bumble Bee Trust – Funding West Country Buzz project to support farmers/landowners to adopt pollinator-friendly farming practices, helping to increase wild pollinators on their farms and across the landscape.
Centre For Alternative Technology – £2,000 to upgrading heating in Eco Cabins.
Hornsea Nursery School – Funding for the school’s outdoor nature project.
Cheese Project – £1,000 grant to purchase new equipment for the project in Bristol that aims to reduce domestic energy losses, at low cost, by up to a third.
Black Bee Combe – Financial support to help re-establish locally adapted “black” native honey bees in South Devon.
Orchardshare – Grants provided to community group that manages three orchards near Bath.
Merry Go Round School – The Trust provided funding for the school’s new pond area.
Hunters Hill School – Match-funding towards a growing space on the school farm.
National Star – The Trust contributed £1,500 towards National Star’s Outdoor Area Project, in Hereford, to convert a derelict outdoor area into a vibrant outdoor learning space for young people with complex disabilities.
Collingwood Media College – The Trust provided funding for significant improvements to the lower school garden area.

The Naturesave Trust is a registered charity no. 1048505
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