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Naturesave Insurance is the UK’s leading green and ethical insurance provider whose activities fund an environmental charity, The Naturesave Trust.

Naturesave Insurance was established in 1993 to provide insurance for individuals, companies, community groups and not-for-profit organisations.  We insure some of the UK’s greenest homes, organisations and individuals and have been awarded most ethical insurance company status by the ethical comparison site the Good Shopping Guide.   We are also recommended by Ethical Consumer magazine.

The Naturesave Trust, our registered charity, was formed in 1995, as a means of mitigating damage to the environment by providing grant funding for sustainability projects.  We fund the Trust by donating 10% of the annual premiums from all our personal insurance policies. This set up remains unique within the insurance industry and has, to date, raised over £800,000 for green causes across the UK.

What We Offer

Insurance for individuals – when it comes to personal insurance our offer combines a hands-on personal service with a uniquely ethical approach.

Whether we are insuring your home, its contents, your travel plans, or covering you for personal accident and illness, we will donate 10% of the premium to the Naturesave Trust. That’s 10% of the total insurance premium, not just our commission, and we will do this for every year that you remain a customer.

We are also the only insurance broker in the UK to include cover for small renewable energy systems as standard in our household policy. In addition, to promote energy efficiency in the home, we offer our customers discounts for adopting measures such as loft insulation, double glazing, energy efficient appliances and water butts.

Insurance for businesses, charities and community groups – Our specialist team are highly experienced in supporting organisations for which sustainability is key. This experience has enabled Naturesave to insure some of the greenest brands in the UK. Whether you are a community renewable energy cooperative, a zero waste shop or a green tech start-up, we understand your specific insurance requirements.  As part of our commitment to sustainability, all our SME customers are offered a free Environmental Performance Review. Funded by the Naturesave Trust, an independent assessor conducts a detailed business review and makes recommendations to reduce the environmental impact of the clients’ operations. If these changes are adhered to, a rebate of 10% on the premium is awarded.

Insurance for renewable energy projects – Naturesave is a market leader in providing specialist insurance cover for renewable energy projects, particularly in the field of community renewable energy.  We have a long history of insuring new and innovative technology and are driven by a genuine belief in supporting renewable energy.

Influencing the insurance industry – Naturesave’s founding ethos is to highlight the important role insurance can play in sustainable development. Our continued success in applying these principles to all areas of our business, influences the insurance industry itself, through our underwriter relationships. Due to the sheer size and scale of the companies within the insurance industry, progress can be slow. However, we believe we have helped focus the minds of key players in the industry to the urgency of taking swift action on the environment. We also campaign to raise awareness of the fact that the insurance industry is one of the biggest institutional investors and underwriters in fossil fuels.  You can read more about our Campaign for Insurance Divestment here.

Walking the walk

Naturesave operates as a Living Wage employer and a carbon neutral business. We offset our carbon through Climate Care, using a mixed portfolio that focuses on clean cooking, safe water and wind power, in locations such as Kenya, Ghana and India.

We do however also believe that reducing carbon emissions in the first place is a priority. We, therefore, offer a cycle to work scheme and have a commitment to conduct our business travel by public transport. We also incentivise all our staff to avoid air travel for holidays. We do this by providing any additional journey time as paid holiday. This policy was commended in 2011 when we won a Queens Award for Sustainable Development.  

Green insurance doesn’t have to cost the earth

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