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Environmental Policy Naturesave Green Insurance

Naturesave Policies Ltd has been trading since 1993 and was set up as an environmental and ethical insurance provider.

Naturesave promotes sustainable development within the business community and aims to create greater awareness within the Insurance industry about the long term problems that the industry faces in ignoring the threat of climate change, pollution and environmental damage.

Key aspects of Naturesave’s environmental policy include:

  • Putting 10% of all our personal insurance premiums (Household Buildings, Contents, Renewable Energy SystemsPersonal Annual Travel Insurance and Personal Accident & Illness Insurance) into a fund (The Naturesave Trust) to benefit specific environmental and conservationist projects throughout the UK.  Naturesave also puts 10% of some commercial insurance policy premiums into The Naturesave Trust.
  • Including Group Travel, Personal Accident and IllnessLegal Expenses Cover and Excess Buy Back Insurance.
  • Offering a free Environmental Performance Review (EPR) to all our commercial combined clients which provides practical implementation methods to run their businesses or organisations in a more environmentally friendly way – saving them money and improving their environmental credentials.
  • Offering innovative insurance policies that benefit the environment and encourage more sustainable practices, such as our Home Buildings, Contents & Renewable Energy Systems Insurance policy which includes loss of revenue for the income produced by renewable energy systems in the home.  For more information, Household Renewable Energy System Information.
  • Giving premium discounts to household clients with energy efficient and environmental additions to their homes (such as loft and wall insulation, water butts, energy efficient appliances and domestic renewable energy systems).
  • Using environmental and ethical suppliers for all our services (telephone, banking, electricity) and office supplies where possible.
  • Reducing consumption, re-using and recycling all paper, cardboard and office waste.
  • Dealing with insurers and policy holders electronically.
  • Adopting energy saving practices and encouraging staff to walk, cycle or take public transport to work and to meetings whenever possible. Composting all food waste.
  • Running a ‘Carbon Zero’ office – the CO2 our office produces is offset through  CO2 Balance.
  • We carefully select the underwriters we work with. We currently work with Catlin who are currently funding a Seaview Survey and RSA who  were the UK’s first carbon neutral insurer.
Green insurance doesn’t have to cost the earth

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