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The Naturesave Trust funds Repair Cafe Wales expansion

Helping Repair Cafe Wales open three new cafes

The Naturesave Trust, has recognised the success of Repair Café Wales in providing leadership on the practicalities of running repair cafes.  The Community Interest Company celebrated the opening of its 27th café in Monmouth in February 2020.  Repair Café Wales was chosen by the Trust as an exemplar of sustainable community work that specifically promotes and facilitates environmental improvement and ‘green’ issues.  The grant will go


COVID19 Insurance FAQ’s

Need to contact us? Call 01803 864390 9-5pm Monday-Friday Will my home insurance policy be affected by Covid-19?  If you are now working from home this will be automatically be covered by our home insurance policies, assuming that the work is clerical in nature and you are not receiving work visitors. Any business equipment used (e.g. Laptops) will not be covered by your home insurance and you


COVID19 Insurance update

Need to contact us? Call 01803 864390 9-5pm 7-days a week We are writing to update you on the situation regarding Coronavirus in relation to Naturesave Insurance. Our thoughts are with those directly affected by Coronavirus around the world, including healthcare workers who are on the frontline. The situation is still very fluid and we are closely following the latest advice


Surfers Against Sewage – Sustainable Guide To Surfing

Back in 2011, The Naturesave Trust were delighted to provide funding to assist Surfers Against Sewage compile a detailed report targeting the surfing community. The report was a call to arms for surfers, one “that harks back to the maverick, pioneer spirit that so often set apart surfers as a resourceful group of individuals intent


Renewable Energy in Ashton Hayes

Ashton Hayes Community Energy (AHCE) is a Community Interest Company owned and run by the people of Ashton Hayes in Cheshire. Established in 2011 as part of the award-winning Ashton Hayes Going Carbon Neutral (GCN) project, AHCE develops and manages community-owned renewable energy in the village and promotes energy efficiency. Over the past decade, the


Upgrading the eco-cabins for Centre For Alternative Technology

For more than 40 years, CAT has been helping people to learn about practical solutions for a green, healthy future, and how they can contribute to this. Set in a disused quarry in Mid Wales, our site is a demonstration and education centre, equipping people from all over the UK, as well as many from