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Sustainable restaurants and why they have a major role to play in fighting climate change

What is a sustainable restaurant?  There are many definitions, however we quite like this one by Andrew Stephen, Chief Exec of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.  “A truly sustainable food business is one that has a restorative impact on the land, and the people upon which it depends. Restorative in this context means that because the business

Naturesave Buy One Get One Tree

Buy One Get One Tree

Naturesave launch new tree planting policy to fight climate change For many years Naturesave has planted a tree for every home insurance customer who stays with us for ten years. The trees are planted in the Scottish Highlands; in an area named The Naturesave Grove. The planting is conducted by the conservation charity Trees for Life


The Naturesave Solar Bee Project

Naturesave Trust funded project brings together cutting edge bee conservation with community solar farms. The Solar Bee Project is an initiative funded by the Naturesave Trust that aims to protect honey bees from the deadly varroa mite using thermosolar beehive technology. The project is being rolled out over five sites across the country and aims


Are you ready for the electric car revolution

Time to think electric? With climate change now reframed to what it really is, an emergency, and with ever increasing awareness of traffic pollution, there never has been a stronger reason to consider an electric car. The reason why this is a revolution in the making is that upon investigation, it soon becomes apparent that


The Naturesave Guide To Being Green

  Welcome to the latest Naturesave guide to being green. We have researched the practical things you can do as an individual that will make the biggest difference. We’ve scoured the web and asked a few friends (we know some very green ones), in an effort to come up with the definitive list of the changes


Naturesave Trust Funds Bright Green Hydrogen

 Bright Green Hydrogen – Levenmouth Community Energy Project Bright Green Hydrogen is a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote the use of renewable energy and energy storage technologies. Their Education programme has been running since 2009, and they have run STEAM workshops for over 30,000 pupils and members of the public. The organisation has a  renewable