Environmental Performance Reviews

Environmental Performance Reviews

Let Naturesave arrange to have the environmental impact of your company assessed free of charge.

Many small and medium sized firms are confused about how to investigate and implement ways in which their company or organisation can be more environmentally aware and efficient.  The Environmental Performance Review (EPR) is designed to assist you with this process, and includes advice on energy efficiency, sourcing more ethical and environmental suppliers and waste minimisation, together with information about current environmental legislation. To give you more of an idea of the reports that you can expect, we have shared our own EPR and Follow Up report below.

Our Environmental Performance Reviews have saved our clients money.

Aside from growing recognition that effective environmental protection is based on prevention rather than reaction, environmental considerations are making a significant impact upon long-term strategic business planning; and environmental management has become a key determinant of successful business practice.

Continuous improvement of environmental performance improves both a business’s reputation and its access to environmentally sensitive markets.  It encourages repeat business and creates real opportunities to reduce waste, lower costs and increase efficiency.

With each commercial policy, Naturesave will arrange a FREE Environmental Performance Review (EPR) of your business premises and trading practices.  This will assess the potential environmental effects of your company’s commercial activity and the degree to which your company is responding to the demand for environmental accountability.

Recommendations are augmented with practical advice from an independent environmental surveyor who will, where required, assist clients with the implementation.  Certain requirements may be made of the business which, when carried out to the satisfaction of the independent surveyor and Naturesave, will be acknowledged by the issue of an Environmentally Aware Trading Certificate (EATC).

The EPR is conducted at your business premises and does not take up much of you or your employees’ time.  Our independent environmental surveyors will liaise over a convenient time for the visit.

These Environmental Performance Reviews are free to all Naturesave Commercial Combined insurance clients.  A Naturesave Environmentally Aware Trading Certificate (EATC) is issued upon completion of the recommendations made in the survey, along with a potential financial reward in acknowledgement of your efforts to improve your company’s environmental trading practice.

Bioregional One Planet Living PrinciplesThe EPR has been designed to address Bioregional’s 10 One Planet Living principals. These principles stem from the fact that we only have one planet to supply us with food, water, clean air and all the other natural resources we need – and to cope with all the wastes and pollution we produce.

Today the entire human population is living in a way which would require nearly one and a half planets in order to be sustainable. And if everyone had lifestyles and an economy like we do in Britain and Europe, we’d need not one and a half but three planets.

It isn’t sustainable and it can’t go on. The evidence for that is mounting around the globe. Water shortages, dangerous levels of pollution, endangered species, shrinking forests and habitats, a warming climate and dwindling glaciers.

Bioregional strongly believe that we need a rapid transition to One Planet Living, in which everyone can enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle within their fair share of the earth’s natural resources.

Bioregional is an entrepreneurial charity which has developed ten principles for One Planet Living. They use these principles to work with partners around the world – local councils and communities, businesses and developers – on a range of practical projects which demonstrate that sustainable living can be attractive and affordable.

Bioregional’s ten principles came out of planning and building the pioneering BedZED eco-village of 100 homes in Sutton, south London, where we are based. Completed in 2002, it has become a world renowned low carbon development. Find out more at www.bioregional.com.

For further information, please refer to our EPR Objectives to Clients PDF.

Green insurance doesn’t have to cost the earth

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