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Will we end our fossil fuel habit in time?

Will we end our fossil fuel habit in time? With COP26 approaching and our carbon budget depleting fast we thought it was worth looking at the progress in transitioning away from fossil fuels  Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash Haven’t we already agreed to end the era of fossil fuels? It may not always seem like it, but


The Naturesave Guide To Being Green

The Naturesave Guide to Being Green Welcome to the Naturesave guide to being green. We’ve scoured the web and asked a few friends, in an effort to come up with the definitive list of the changes you can make that will have the most impact. Importantly, we would like to highlight that individual changes alone


Sustainable restaurants and why they have a major role to play in fighting climate change

What is a sustainable restaurant?  There are many definitions, however we quite like this one by Andrew Stephen, Chief Exec of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.  “A truly sustainable food business is one that has a restorative impact on the land, and the people upon which it depends. Restorative in this context means that because the business