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The Naturesave Guide To Being Green

Welcome to the Naturesave guide to being green. We have researched the practical things you can do as an individual that will make the biggest difference. We’ve scoured the web and asked a few friends, in an effort to come up with the definitive list of the changes you can make that will have the most


The Greatest Debate On Earth

With the historic Paris COP21 agreement falling into place, it seems like the world may be finally coming together with a cohesive plan to save the planet from climate change. But with CO2 levels surpassing critical limits and temperature records being broken very year, have you ever wondered why it took us so long to reach


The Energy Storage Era Has Arrived

The Energy Storage Era Has Arrived .. But How Do You Insure Such A New Technology? Energy storage is set to be the solution to the one critical technical barrier that threatens to hold back our transition to a low carbon future. Renewable energy is generated intermittently, in other words depending on when the wind blows and when