Sustainable Communities

The Naturesave Trust funds milling equipment for community bakers Scotland the bread

Milling equipment for Scotland The Bread

The Naturesave Trust has contributed towards the purchase of a Zentrofan cyclone mill to make flour from Scottish grain for home and community bakers. Scotland The Bread is a collaborative project to establish a Scottish flour and bread supply that is healthy, equitable, locally controlled and sustainable. It is an innovative social business, owned by its members.

Ekopia building (The Hive) part funded by the Naturesave Trust

Ekopia Social Enterprise Hub – Findhorn Ecovillage

The Naturesave Trust helped fund the purchase and installation of a 4kW solar PV array at Findhorn Eco Village. The array was placed on a newly developed Social Enterprise Hub, called Findhornhive. The installation includes a lithium-ion battery which will store excess green energy and make it available for later use, reducing energy bills and improving the environmental performance of the building.


Fizz Bikes

Fizz Bikes is a local social enterprise which believes that the more people cycling, the better it is for everyone.