The Festive Spirit of Giving – Day Eleven


Helping to rescue to rainforest

Futerra have teamed up with WWF and Sky to create a campaign Rainforest Rescue to create a future for the Amazon in real, practical ways. And they’re helping do that by making the alternatives to deforestation more viable for local people.

You can support the campaign by pledging to do something different. You can pledge to reduce your energy use or pledge to buy FSC certified paper. Visit the Rainforest Rescue Pledge Page to show your support – Ned has!

A Little Bit About Futerra
Futerra are a  sustainability communications agency, who work with people who want to create sizzling, positive change through their brands, businesses and communications.

From brand to sustainability strategy, behaviour change to consumer campaigns, they create inspiring sustainable substitutes, not simply sacrifices.

Together with their clients we make sustainable development so desirable it becomes normal.

Rainforest Rescue
Sky Rainforest Rescue has been re-launched with a completely new look, messaging and tactics to engage the public on the brands partnership with WWF.

The new campaign has been rolled out nationally online and appears on-screen as part of the UK broadcaster’s daily on-air promotion.

Using the foundation of their thought leadership Branding Biodiversity, Futerra developed a concept for Rainforest Rescue based on love and respect for nature.

Futerra delivered a new identity for the campaign, alongside guidelines for use. Working with Sky and WWF we shaped an engagement campaign and delivered digital tools for the launch.

Today s our last offering in our Festive Spirit of Giving feature and we just wanted to thank you for your support and a big thank you to our partners. We’d love to hear what you thought. Use our contact form to let us know.

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