Making Business Greener

Naturesave was founded to use the insurance industry as a vehicle for sustainable development. One of the key ways in which deliver that aim is through our Environmental Performance Review Program, which has been running since 1996. 

Funded by The Naturesave Trust the program is targeted at SME’s and provides a detailed analysis of how organisations can reduce their environmental impact and ensure they comply with the highest environmental standards.

Many smaller businesses are wanting to reduce their impact but often lack the time, knowledge and resources to achieve their aims.  The Environmental Performance Reviews (EPR’s) are designed to assist with this process and includes advice on energy efficiency, sourcing more ethical and environmental suppliers, waste minimisation and information about current environmental legislation.

Since its launch, this campaign has helped over 150 business operate more sustainably. Many of them have also reduced costs in the process.

Each EPR is delivered by a qualified environmental surveyor and is followed by a detailed report which includes bespoke recommendations to operate more sustainably. The process uses the 10 One Planet Living principles created by environmental charity Bioregional. This provides a useful framework to structure the advice and gives the recipients the opportunity to benefit from joining the One Planet community.

The Environmental Performance Review program is available to Naturesave’s commercial insurance policyholders. Find out more here