COVID19 Insurance update

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We are writing to update you on the situation regarding Coronavirus in relation to Naturesave Insurance. Our thoughts are with those directly affected by Coronavirus around the world, including healthcare workers who are on the frontline. The situation is still very fluid and we are closely following the latest advice from the UK Government. 

Naturesave and your policy 

Below is a short summary of how your policy may have been affected but the Covid19 pandemic. If you have any questions please call us on 01803 864390 and speak to the team, or get in touch with your normal account handler. 

Home Insurance 

If you are now working from home this will be automatically be covered by our home insurance policies, assuming that the work is clerical in nature and you are not receiving work visitors. Any business equipment used (e.g. Laptops) will not be covered by your home insurance and you should check with your employer that these are suitably covered for damage or loss to this equipment away from your office.   

If your property has suffered damage (from a fire, flood or other named peril) and is uninhabitable whilst you are self-isolating please contact us as soon as possible to discuss how best to proceed. The safety of our customers and the wider public remains our priority. This will be managed on a case-by-case basis to ensure that customer interests are best represented whilst acting responsibly and in accordance with the guidelines published by the UK Government. 

If you are quarantined or are unable to travel home from abroad and therefore your home may be left unoccupied for over 30 days, please contact as soon as possible to discuss. Providing that you have made your best endeavours to return then we understand that cover should be extended to accommodate the circumstances. 

Travel Insurance 

Each client’s travel arrangements will be unique, but, our understanding is that any existing travel policies with travel booked before the outbreak should continue with full cover as per the policy wording. If you are affected by this you should contact us as soon as possible. 

Insurers are in the first instance generally pointing clients back to their tour operators/providers to get refunds or rescheduled trips in the first instance. Thereafter, where people are genuinely out of pocket from cancellations due to the coronavirus they will look to review any irrecoverable expenses each instance on a case by case basis.

Any new policies or renewal policies, or in regards to any travel booked since the outbreak in the UK, will not be covered by any insurance policies we can offer. There are a handful of specialist brokers who can access high risk policies and you can find more information on this here:  

Commercial Insurance

You should be aware that insurance cover differs from policy to policy. If you have a commercial property or commercial combined policy with business interruption insurance then these policies have ‘insured events’ at their core, these are things such as flood, storm, fire, etc. There are extensions to the main cover that may include pandemic situations, however as each policy wording is different, these are not always included and also vary widely in their application and scope. 

Any cover provided is definitely not intended to replace all lost revenue during any downturn in business. Practically, Insurers are not able to deal with ‘population’ or global level events. They are the responsibility of governments and international bodies. We recommend that you monitor the daily briefings for government initiatives which may provide funds or other short term financial measures that we’ve seen already in other countries.  

If you have Employers Liability insurance with us, this will automatically cover working from home (in the UK). You should risk assess this and take any reasonable precautions/measures that are necessary to ensure they are working safely. 

Given the range of permutations affecting businesses in the UK right now, we are unable to advise on hypothetical future scenarios that might affect your business, however, we can give you advice on what cover, if any, there is within your particular, policy wording and how that applies now.  

Claims information 

Please get in touch straight away if you think you might have a claim relating to the Coronavirus. Insurers will deal with all potential claims on a case by case basis. We are here to help with processing claims. Call 01803 869770 or email  

Developing situation 

As more information becomes available it may be possible to relax some precautions we have taken in the office; conversely, we may be advised to tighten them up. Regular meetings are being held to review the situation and we will post updates on our website and social media when available.  

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time. Most importantly, if you have urgent queries or questions about your cover in relation to the Coronavirus do get in touch with our team.  

For more information relating to policies and claimes, please see our COVID-19 FAQ page

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