Naturesave Trust Funds Bright Green Hydrogen

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 Bright Green Hydrogen – Levenmouth Community Energy Project

Bright Green Hydrogen is a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote the use of renewable energy and energy storage technologies. Their Education programme has been running since 2009, and they have run STEAM workshops for over 30,000 pupils and members of the public. The organisation has a  renewable energy and energy storage system that boasts solar PV, a wind turbine, and also state of the art hydrogen storage. These technologies allow Bright Green Hydrogen to take their whole business park “off-grid”. Electric/hydrogen vans can be leased by the public and refuelled at their Methil site. Bright Green Hydrogen aim to maximise new employment and skills opportunities arising in the renewable energy sector, and by working with local primary, secondary, college and university students, to enable students to have the best chance of securing work placements, further training and a job in the future.

The Naturesave Trust provided 60 Knex kits for educational workshops for learners of all ages and abilities

The Levenmouth Community Energy Project is a collaborative initiative which is being led by Bright Green Hydrogen and supported by a number of partners including Fife Council and Toshiba. The project is.aimed at providing hands-on workshops for both primary and secondary pupils within the Levenmouth area, and also the wider Fife area. Levenmouth rates highest on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation and by working with the teachers the project aims to counteract this by providing educational, fun, hands-on workshops which focus on topics which are relevant to the Levenmouth area. E.g. pupils can see wind turbines from their houses, but don’t necessarily know what they are doing or understand the benefits they can bring to the local community. The project also does a lot of work on Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) providing pupils with the skills they need to gain access to further education, apprenticeships and jobs.

The success of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) programmes meant that the kit used in these sessions came to the end of its’ lifecycle. The wind turbine kits had blades missing, the fuel cell cars have worn out the motors and cogs, and the wiring of the solar panels has been repaired too many times. Bright Green Hydrogen approached Naturesave for funding to replace these items so they could continue providing the highest standard of experience to those who deserve it most. The Trust provided funds to the value of  £3,860

 “Our funding from the Naturesave Trust will allow us to run hands-on workshops on a wider variety of renewable energies, including wind, solar, water power and also hydrogen storage. The K’nex kits will allow learners of all ages and all abilities to take part and investigate the technologies for themselves”



Project  – Levenmouth Community Energy Project

Organisation – Bright Green Hydrogen

Partners – Fife Council and Toshiba

Funding – £3,860


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