Funding Guidelines

The Naturesave Trust supports conservation projects across the UK

The latest Naturesave Trust funding window is now open from the 1st April the 30th June, with funding decisions announced on the 30th July.  

In this window we will be offering grants from between £500 to £2,500 to charities and community groups seeking assistance for projects focused on nature conservation and biodiversity improvements. 

** Please note that after many years of funding we are no longer providing grants for schools **

The Trust funds projects for charities, social enterprises and grassroots community organisations whose activities are based within the UK.

Projects are chosen in accordance to the needs set out in the latest funding window and how well they fit with the Trust’s funding guidelines, criteria and objectives.

The Trust operates two funding windows each year to help us manage demand and make a fair assessment of the applications we receieve. The first funding windows runs from 1st April to the 30th June, with successful applications announced on the 30th July.   The subsequent Autumn funding window commences on the 1st September – 31st December, with decisions announced on the 1st February.

We are a small charity with finite resources, and we endeavour to offer funding to numerous projects. Whilst this means that we are not able to fully fund all organisations that apply to us, we hope that our financial assistance goes some way to contribute to projects that we feel are worthwhile.

These funding guidelines are intended as a basis for projects funded and maybe pragmatically altered/amended from time to time.

  1. Funding is available for projects submitted by any organisation whether they be charities, voluntary organisations or businesses. The Trust is unable to fund individuals.
  2. Projects must be entirely based within the UK.
  3. Grants are made to projects which specifically address the needs set out in the latest funding window and fall under the broad objective of promoting and implementing sustainable development.
  4. Applications for funding must be forwarded with a completed funding application form, together with any further information that the applicant thinks inform the Trustees further and support their application.
  5. Applications that cannot convey (to the best of their ability) what they are trying to achieve on the application form, have a lower chance of success. The best applications are those that are succinct, concise and relevant.
  6. Grants given may be subject to various criteria and funds are only released once these criteria have been met.
  7. The organisation and/or project must have a website or social media presence.
  8. The Naturesave Trust does not fund ‘research’ projects.
  9. The Naturesave Trust does not fund staff costs.
  10. The Naturesave Trust no longer provide grants for schools.
  11. Any offer of funding is open from six months of the date of the offer letter.

The Naturesave Trust is wholly funded by the commercial activities of Naturesave Insurance and has been supporting environmental projects for nearly 30 years. The diagram below shows how the Naturesave Trust is funded and what the key areas of funding are.