Projects Funded by The Naturesave Trust

Projects we have funded

The trust has been funding environmental charity projects since 1995. Grants have been awarded to almost five hundred individual projects, covering renewable energy, nature conservation, recycling, sustainable food and social welfare.

Here is a selection of projects recently funded by the Trust, a complete list is down below:

Conservation Projects

Our nature conservation projects are designed to protect wildlife, improve biodiversity and to improve knowledge and appreciation of the natural world through education. Recent examples include: –

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit A small charity in northeast Scotland dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises. This is done through scientific investigation & monitoring, environmental education, and the provision of a 24-hr veterinary service for sick, injured and stranded cetaceans. Read more>>>

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, Cotswold Water Park Reserves Restoration – The Naturesave Trust, along with Hanson Brick contributed to a project to enhance the biodiversity and public access to the nature reserves at Whelford Pools SSSI and Roundhouse Lake SSSI.  The project provided habitats for many important species including Cetti’s Warbler, Great Crested Grebe, Water Rail and Lapwing.

The Sylva Foundation – The Sylva Foundation is an environmental charity working nationwide to ensure Britain’s woodlands thrive for people and nature. The charity also seeks to encourage the innovative use of the sustainable products they produce. Naturesave helped to support the creation of a small community orchard planted with native fruit and nut trees. Read more>>>

Centre For Alternative Technology – CAT’s Eco-cabins are designed to allow young people to monitor their resource use and environmental impacts for the duration of their stay, seeing how much electricity, firewood and water they consume.  However, having been built over 25 years ago, the cabins needed upgrading to demonstrate and teach about sustainable living most effectively. To help deliver this, the Naturesave Trust contributed £2,000 towards the cost of upgrading the heating system. This enabled the centre to install modern state-of-the-art renewable heating systems, to improve the comfort of the cabins. Read more>>>

Social Welfare / Educational  Projects

Funding for social or educational projects with a strong environmental bias, recent examples include: –

The Calvert Trust – Based in Exmoor in North Devon, this centre helps disabled people to achieve their potential through the challenge of adventurous activities in the countryside. The Naturesave Trust provided a grant to fund the installation of a 199kw biomass boiler.  This now provides the centre with all its hot water and central heating needs. This replaced an old oil fired boiler, reducing both costs and emissions. Read more>>>

Fizz Bikes – A local social enterprise which believes that the more people cycling, the better it is for everyone. It wants to make electric bicycles accessible to anyone willing to use one for their commute to work, and when out and about. The Naturesave Trust funded 3 e-bikes, which are rented out for a minimal monthly fee. Fizz Bikes hopes to demonstrate to local organisations and business that e-bikes are a viable alternative to the car, and engage with them to financially subsidise the scheme. Read more>>>

Lifecycle UK – A project recycling unwanted bikes refurbished by inmates of HMP Bristol and then offered for sale to those on low incomes. The project helps prisoners to learn new skills and work towards qualifications. It also offers low cost and sustainable transport options for local people.

Renewable Energy 

Financial assistance for a variety of renewable energy projects. Examples include support for village halls for installing solar panels, or charities updating to a biomass boiler.   One particular focus is community renewable energy, which helps communities reduce CO2 emissions, combat fuel poverty, improve energy security, improve community cohesion and create local jobs. The Trust focuses on initial start-up capital to undertake all the preliminary work to get to the planning stage. This helps the community to retain as much control as possible over the operating income, once the project has been successful. The trust also makes periodic investments in community renewable share offers.  Here are some recent examples:

South Dartmoor Community Energy This not for profit community benefit society aims to help local communities become more energy efficient, and to get involved in, and benefit from, renewable energy projects. The recently launched energy advice team will be delivering an extensive programme of outreach activity across South Devon, to help reduce fuel poverty and encourage people to engage in the world of energy and its various sources.
Herefordshire New Leaf Non-for-profit co-operative developing the UK’s first community-owned solar PV installation on a closed landfill site in Herefordshire. This will be a 1MW solar array, providing sufficient electricity to power the equivalent of 165 homes.

Jamie’s Farm

Jamie’s Farm transforms the lives of vulnerable urban children by providing a unique combination of ‘farming, family and therapy’ during an intensive week of living and working on a farm. The Trust has contributed towards the installation of a biomass boiler to provide all the space heating and hot water, as well as additional related activities for the children in the form of coppicing and log chopping. Read more

Special Projects

Free Environmental Performance Reviews For Small Businesses

The Naturesave Trust funds Environmental Performance Reviews (EPRs) provided free for commercial SME customers of Naturesave Insurance. The reviews are conducted by an independent environmental consultant and aim to help small and medium-sized enterprises become more sustainable. The EPR is conducted in accordance with BioRegional’s established 10 One Planet Principles for sustainability. In order to encourage the uptake of the EPR recommendations, the Trust also funds a 10% discount on the premium once the recommendations have been implemented.

Trees For Life Programme – The Naturesave Grove

For every insurance policy issue by Naturesave Insurance, The Naturesave Trust funds the planting of a tree. This tree planting programme is designed to combat climate change and support biodiversity.   Native trees are planted in the Caledonian Forest in Scotland, in the Naturesave Grove. Read more about the Trees For Life project here or visit the Naturesave Grove page at Trees for Life.

Want To Make An Application?

The scope of projects submitted to the Trust is very broad and we hope that these projects are the type of environmental projects you feel we should be supporting. Perhaps there is a project close to your heart which you would like us to help fund? If so, please send us a completed application form. If you would like more information on the projects listed above, past projects or the work of the Trust in general, contact Bee West, Trust Administrator on 01803 864390 or Contact Naturesave.

Complete List Of Projects Funded 

The Naturesave Trust has been funding projects since 1995, here is a list of (most) of them starting with the most recent.
Knighton Community Centre – solar panel installation  – Knighton Community Centre now has a solar system up and running, consisting of an array of 72 panels, generating approximately 19,688 kWh every year. The system is going to make significant savings for the community centre and is the first step in making Knighton carbon neutral.
New sluice keeps Hydro running for the Springfield Trust  – A hydro turbine helped this charity reduce its carbon footprint, by generating renewable electricity. Unfortunately accumulating weeds, leaves and sticks have been clogging up the system which has at times resulted in it being shut down. Thanks to the Trust Springfield have been able to install a new sluice gate to deal with this problem and to help regulate the flow of water.
Rooted In Hull – rainwater harvesting Project Rooted in Hull is an urban agriculture project transforming a derelict dry dock near Drypool Bridge, using shipping containers and raised beds to create a “farm in a box”. The Trust funded an innovative rainwater harvesting system. Rooted in Hull rainwater harvesting – Naturesave Trust
Trees For Cities – London Mass Tree Planting  Alongside the Mayor of London and Lewisham Council, the Trust helped fund tree planting in Beckenham Place Park, Lewisham. Across London and a total of 878 volunteers planted almost 25,000 trees. Read more>>>
Chirk Bank Community Allotment Chirk bank is a community that includes the Chirk Aqueduct an is a world heritage site. The trust funded a small project to create allotments and a community garden with a focus on disabled access. Northumberland Seafood Centre Lobster Hatchery – Naturesave Trust
RSPB Chester Group – Swift Conservation  Funding was provided to support swift conservation in target areas within the city of Chester. This will help us to increase the availability of suitable nest sites around Chester by offering subsidized box installations in areas near existing swift colonies. RSPB Chester Swift Conservation – Naturesave Trust
Transition Town Totnes Incredible Edible Project  Incredible Edible also aims to engage the local community in growing food and providing education about, and connection to the local environment. The grant provided enabled Totnes Transition Town to provide their volunteer teams with much-needed tools, equipment, seeds and plants which will be used to maintain existing growing sites and also construct a new site at Totnes Train station. Read More>>
Suffolk Owl Sanctuary (SOS) East Anglian Nestbox Scheme  The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary established the East Anglian Nest Box Scheme back in 2000. The project maintains and monitors 300 wild owls next boxes locally. The Trust provided funds to build new nest boxes and repair others before the breeding season started. Read more>>
Cae Tan Growers Community Supported Agriculture.  Cae Tan is an established Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project on the Gower peninsular that in spring 2018 set up a new venture, growing chemical-free salads, greens, herbs and flowers for local independent restaurants, cafes and shops. Thanks to Nature Save funding the group were able to purchase the initial hand tools, compost and seeds to get the project started. Read more>>
Wimborne First School Pollinator Planting Project.  The Trust provided a series of planters around the school to increase biodiversity on school grounds and to provide an educational tool that ties in with the curriculum.  Read more>>
Thyme and Space, Greenlinks Project.   The Greenlinks project is a vegetable growing project that also runs horticulture workshops. The project provides a place of haven and inspiration to people who are facing mental health challenges. Read more>>
Isle of Eigg Tree Nursery   The project, funded by The Naturesave Trust, was to establish a tree nursery on the beautiful Hebridean Isle of Eigg, in order to grow trees that would be used to recreate a forest on the Island. The funds went towards a large polytunnel which will be used to grow seed collected on the island. The benefit of this is that the trees will already be suited to the climate & conditions of this area giving a higher success rate compared to imported trees from mainland nurseries. Read more>>
Southill Community Energy solar farm Thermosolar beehive project. This is one of the more fascinating and important projects funded by the Naturesave Trust in recent years. The Trust grant paid for two groundbreaking and unique Thermosolar hives. The hives provide the means to control the spread of varroa mites without resorting to chemical, something which is vital to the survival of our long-term bee population. Read more>>
Amala Forest Garden Working with in partnership with the Permaculture Association the Naturesave Trust provided funding for the initial construction phase of a new education and well-being building at Karuna Insight Design. The project will become a forest garden and educational facility. Read more>>
Dartmouth Caring Gardening Project The funding enabled Dartmouth Caring to create a garden with raised beds, for the benefits of the elderly and vulnerable local people. Read more>>
Green Wedmore Community Woodlands  The Naturesave Trust, together with Somerset County Council and the Woodland Trust provided funding for the creation of a community woodland and orchard in Somerset. The site will provide a valuable outside amenity for the community, improve local biodiversity, combat climate change and provide a source of renewable fuel. Read more>>
Bat Cam – Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary   Although renowned for their conservation and welfare work with primates the organisation also focuses on native plants and animals. Naturesave Trust funding was provided to install a live remote control camera in the Sanctuary cellar, home to a roost of rare Lesser Horseshoe bats. Visitors to Sanctuary can manipulate the camera with a joystick in the wildlife room. Read more>>
Bright Green Hydrogen – Educational Engagement   This not-for-profit organisation run hands-on workshops on a wider variety of renewable energies, including wind, solar, water power and also hydrogen storage. The Trust funded K’nex kits to allow learners of all ages and all abilities to take part and investigate the technologies for themselves. Read more>>
Energy Efficient Heating – Ringsfield Hall EcoActivity Centre   £2,000 of funding was provided towards the replacement of an oil burning boiler with an electric model, greatly reducing the centres’ carbon footprint and cutting heating costs. The centre is an innovative residential provider of outdoor education and nature connection programmes for schools, and hosts groups of all kinds. Read more>>
Site feasibility – Greater Manchester Community Renewables   GMCR was planning a further round of solar installations. However, before a community share offer can be launched to raise money for the solar installations, a feasibility study was needed to check that the sites are suitable. This involved issues such as commissioning a structural survey of the roof, and doing legal due diligence on the properties. This work was funded by the Trust. Read more>>
Eco Lodge – Oak Grove College  This grant from Trust helped the college address the needs of a growing student population by constructing a new science classroom where the building itself inspires and excites the students into learning about science and the environment. Read more>>
Food Top Trumps – Science 4 Society Week   Science4Society Week is a collection of science education activities, coordinated by Scientists for Global Responsibility, and designed to inspire young people. The Trust provided grant funding  to develop a set of Food Trump cards that can be used to compare carbon footprints, water footprints and nutritional information about everyday foods in a novel way Read more>>
Exeter Pheonix Theatre – Solar Auditorium  Grant to fund the creation of the South West’s first Solar Powered Auditorium for this vibrant and unique arts organisation. The new system will create income and reduce costs, provide a financial benefit to Exeter Phoenix of over £80k and will reduce their CO2 output by over 143,000kgs over 20 years. Read more>>
Dormice In Danger – Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust  The Dormice in Danger project aims to help reverse the 72% decline of the Hazel Dormouse in Gloucestershire, immortalised as the sleepy tea-party guest in Lewis Carroll’s children’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. With assistance from the Naturesave Trust campaigners were able to install nest boxes to improve the management of their habitat by restoring coppices and hedgerows to reconnect fragmented habitat and make areas more suitable for the hazel dormouse. Read more>>
Puritan Primary School  Wildlife Area Redevelopment.
Community Supported Agriculture – Funding for an A-Z Guide for this partnership between farmers and consumers in which the responsibilities, risks and rewards of farming are shared.
Bumblebee Trust – Funding West Country Buzz project to support farmers/landowners to adopt pollinator-friendly farming practices, helping to increase wild pollinators on their farms and across the landscape.
Centre For Alternative Technology  £2,000 to upgrading heating in Eco Cabins. Read more>>
St Michael’s Primary, Aylsham  Funding for the rejuvenation of the school pond, one of St Michael’s key assets. The pond benefits children in terms of their knowledge and understanding of the natural world, as well as health and well-being.
Hornsea Nursery School  Funding for the school’s outdoor nature project.
Cheese Project  The Trust provided a £1,000 grant to purchase new equipment for this innovative project in Bristol that aims to reduce domestic energy losses by up to a third.  The project went on to win a Community Energy and Carbon Saving Award for ‘The most inspiring energy conservation and/or management project’. Read more>>
Hope Housing – Space to Grow  The Trust assisted this homeless charity in the development of a garden to grow fruit and vegetables for vulnerable adults.
Monmounthshire Upcycle – Making Furniture Go Further Funding for the purchase of tools and equipment to help them this volunteer group save more furniture from landfill.
Nailsworth & Horsley Bee Friendly Town  Support for the Nailsworth Bee Friendly Town Project which aims to encourage pollinators and enhance the town’s environment.
Keir’s Meadow Pond Restoration  Funding for the restoration of a wildlife pond to providing a home for local wildlife and allow local children and the Blean Pre-School to visit and learn about pond ecology.
Black Bee Combe  Financial support to help re-establish locally adapted “black” native honey bees in South Devon.
Orchardshare  Grants provided to a community group that manages three orchards near Bath.
Greater Manchester Community Renewables  The Trust provided funds to enable GMCR to launch a community share offer to raise money for more solar installations. GMCR needed to check that the sites are suitable e.g. by commissioning a structural survey of the roof, and doing legal due diligence on the properties before they entered into a lease of the roof.
Merry Go Round School  The Trust provided funding for the school’s new pond area.
Hunters Hill School  Match-funding towards a growing space on the school farm. Read more>>
Our Lady & St Hubert’s Primary – Outdoor Learning Area  The Naturesave Trust funded a project to help the school make the trees and land of an outdoor learning area safe and accessible for all. Felled trees were then used to make a herb garden, seated areas, climbing areas and paths.
PEC Renewables Biomass Project  Funding towards the cost of a biomass project for Plymouth Energy Community.
South Dartmoor Community Energy   Grant to help the organisation promote the services of the energy advice team so that they can reach as many people as possible with their support and advice. South Devon Community Energy A4 Summary[2].
St John’s Catholic Primary School  TBC
Wild Futures – Monkey Sanctuary  Funds were provided for the refurbishment of a wildlife room at the Sanctuary in Cornwall. Read more>>
Saffron Heath Pond Project  Financial assistance to the Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council for the creation of a pond dipping platform. Read more>>
John Ruskin School – It’s a Bug’s Life project  This project enabled an inner-city school to create a wildlife pond and bog garden so the children have the opportunity to observe diverse ecology. Read more>>
National Star  The Trust contributed £1,500 towards National Star’s Outdoor Area Project, in Hereford, to convert a derelict outdoor area into a vibrant outdoor learning space for young people with complex disabilities. Read more>>
Collingwood Media College  The Trust provided funding for significant improvements to the lower school garden area. Read more>>
*St Andrews Primary School, Stanstead Abbotts  The Trust provided funding for a Forest schools initiative to promote outside learning, teamwork and risk-taking, where children learn craft skills such as making fires, campfire cooking and den building.

*Earth Restoration Project  Support for the School Tree Nurseries Programme helping school children to learn about the environment and to plant trees in order to restore local degraded habitats.
*Growing Devon Schools  Funding for interactive and informative sessions to give teachers, TA’s and other members of the school community a chance to share ideas and concerns with each other and also with industry professionals.
*Totnes Eco-homes event  Funding for a free and impartial energy advice session, hosted by South Dartmoor Community Energy to support Totnes Transition Town’s ‘Keeping Totnes Warm project’
*Sheffield Renewables 500 – Share purchase for community energy project
Ashton Hayes – Going Carbon Neutral  A small grant to the high profile group that is aiming to become England’s first carbon-neutral community. The grant went towards the cost of the cable trenching works to facilitate a new PV array on the primary school. Read more>>
Caring for Life – pond redevelopment providing funding to plant up the series of small ponds and connecting waterway with reeds and water mint for this Leeds based charity that supports vulnerable people. Read more>>
Foxhole Community Wildlife & Wildflower pond  The Trust provided funding to create an accessible wildlife and wildflower community pond. Read more>>
Brendon Energy Coop – Promotion  The Trust provided grant aid to Brendon Energy to help publicise the co-op and its development. Read more>>

Bread for Good – trading as Scotland The Bread.  The Trust supported this Community Benefit Society towards the purchase of the Zentrofan mill for this collaborative project to establish a Scottish flour and bread supply that is healthy, equitable, locally controlled and sustainable. Read more>>
SWIMBY – The Musical  Something Wonderful in My Back Yard, is a crowd-funded musical by Regen SW. The Trust provided funds to publish the accompanying songbook. Read More>>
Ynni Ogwen Cyf Hydro  The Trust invested in this Welsh hydro project to capture the power from the Ogwen river to produce Electrical energy from Hydro technology. The profit gained from this venture will fund other environmental and community projects in the Ogwen Valley

Brendon Orchards Cooperative – The Naturesave grant enabled the coop to purchase a pump to speed up bottling operations and a new press that will allow them to cover the growing demand. Read more>>
Killington & District Sustainable Energy  Early stage funding for a community hydro project in Killington near Sedbergh, Cumbria.
Brighton Permaculture Trust – Fruit Factory  Every year within 25 miles of Brighton, hundreds of tonnes of fruit go unpicked or never leave an orchard, and yet we import truckloads of it from all around the world. The Trust helped with funding for new juicing and pasteurising equipment. Read more>>
Energy Local – SWELL  This project is designed to schedule electrical appliances (in particular storage heaters and water heaters) in order to ‘match’ local demand with local solar generation and ‘shift’ electricity usage into low price periods. The trust provided early-stage capital investment.
Garden Classrooms – Wonderful World of Bees  A charity that provides urban children and adults with transformative outdoor experiences devised to encourage active lifestyles, promote self-discovery, inspire growth and stimulate respect for nature.
Ormiston Denes Forest School- Forest School Funding provided to set up a forest school in order for us to hold fortnightly enrichment sessions with the aim of reconnecting young people with the natural world. The Trusts £850 grant was used to purchase the equipment necessary for the Forest School sessions to take place all year round.
Trinity Community Arts – The Trust provided £1,000 to The historic Trinity Centre in Bristol, to assist with an investment in roof-mounted solar PV.

Isle Of Wight Red Squirrel Trust – Habitat Creation  The Trust offered a grant with which to buy the tools and equipment necessary to begin woodland management to improve Red Squirrel habitats. Read more here
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust – Guphill Brook Restoration Urban river restoration in partnership with the Environment Agency, Coventry City Council and The Naturesave Trust. The project will bring multiple benefits to diminishing wildlife, deprived local communities, and provide flood risk reduction.

Fareshare – Expanding Across Merseyside  Fareshare rescues food that is all in-date and good quality but has become surplus to requirements. The funding gave FareShare the capacity to increase the number of charities they support from 176 to over 200 by widening their geographical reach across the region to feed more hungry people. Read more here
Snug – affordable and environmentally-friendly homes  The Trust provided a grant towards the cost of tools for the first SNUG prototype. Read more here
Pentredwr Community Centre – Solar Panels A donation of £500 towards the cost of installing solar panels on this community centre.

Wildwood Pond Renovation Funding for a Pond Preservation Project to develop the area around two natural ponds within Wildwood, to allow visitors to explore a natural freshwater habitat and learn about the species it supports in a fun and exciting way. Read more>>

Corwen Electricity Cooperative  Financial support for a community project to build a 55kW Pelton turbine close to the centre of Corwen

Reading Sustainability Centre – Hydro Project Financial assistance for start-up costs and work towards gaining permissions for the project

Mayflower Theatre LED Lighting – The Trust provided funding to the theatre to install LED lighting, which reduced their carbon emissions by 90%. Read more>>

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust – Value in Trees  Match funding for a three-year project helping to safeguard the future of the county’s veteran trees. read more>>
Horfield Common Edible Garden  The Trust funded the Horfield Common Edible Garden project, working in conjunction with the city-wide ‘Incredible Edible’ project to transform spaces into beautiful and edible community gardens.

Hunter’s Bar School Association Solar Panels – Part funding for a solar array installed at Hunters Bar Infant School.
Ysgol Esgob Morgan School – Growing for Gold  Small project to assist the school to create an Eco Club, which included a secure chicken enclosure. Read more here
Plan Bee – School Legacy Project   Green Legacy project is to encourage children from primary/secondary schools in the UK to engage with biodiversity and understand the importance of the bees in a creative and engaging manner. Read more>>
Trees For Health  Part funding for materials and equipment for a turf roof shelter and pond for an agroforestry project at this small non-profit-making group based in South Devon.
Trees For Life – Nursery Expansion – Funding for a new polytunnel to help Trees For Life propagate homegrown native British trees. Read more>>
Bath Green Homes Project  Sponsorship of Transition Bath and Bath: Hacked‘s innovative web-based Schools Energy Education Programme – Energy Sparks.
Low Carbon Gordano – Share Purchase  The Trust invested in share in this community project, with the aim of helping to develop community-owned renewable energy generation
Fareshare London – Food Access Project Funding assistance to enable Fareshare London to expand its capacity by redistributing food for over 1.5 million meals, saving precious resources from being unnecessarily wasted, and saving over 3,000 tonnes of CO2
Power For Good Cooperative – Solar Energy  Funding assistance for start-up costs for this co-operative of individuals from different faith communities. Read more here
The Kindling Trust – Farmstart Manchester  Funding assistance for this ecologically sustainable society which works with communities, farmers, activists and policymakers. Read more>>
Great Oaks School – Wildlife Pond  Trust has provided funding towards a pond with a dipping platform for the students who learning difficulties,  experienced emotional or physical trauma or have missed significant periods of education. Read more>>
Findhorn Foundation – Park Edible Landscape  The Trust provided funding towards creating the Park Edible Landscape on a piece of previously derelict land.
Suffolk Owl Sanctuary  The Sanctuary provides care & rehabilitation of owls and Birds of Prey, and the promotion of owl conservation throughout the UK and beyond. The Naturesave Trust provided funding towards the materials and equipment to build nesting boxes to help the dwindling population of barn owls. Read more>>
Community Food Initiatives – North East  This social enterprise improves health and well-beingcontributes to regeneration, increases employability and creates employment and with disadvantaged and communities by promoting fruit, veg, pulses, healthy snacks consumption and encouraging volunteering. The Trust provided funding towards helping the food reach the end consumer.
Fitzmaurice Solar School  Funding towards a solar array capable of generating around 20% of the school’s total electricity needs.

Dorset Wildlife Trust – Saving Dorset’s Bats  The Trust funded 50 bat boxes for the Powerstock Common Nature reserve, a rare gem hidden away in West Dorset.  Read more>>
Scottish Seabird Centre – SOS Puffin The Trust has helped the Scottish Seabird Centre by pledging funding towards their project to clear the island of Craigleith of an invasive tree mallow, which had led to the decline in the population of the breeding pairs of Puffin.  Read more>>
Sustrans – The Dartmoor Way  The Trust provided funding to help Sustrans create The Dartmoor Way Cycle Route, a 95 mile-long circular route cycling around Dartmoor National park
Marine Stewardship Council – Fish & Kids  Funding an educational programme that brings the Marine Stewardship Council’s message of safeguarding seafood resources into Primary Schools. Read more>>
New Caledonian Woodlands – Woodlands Weekend Project  Funding for woodland management courses and activities to encourage environmental sustainability and to support people to improve their mental well-being. Read more>>
Egni – Solar Energy Cooperative  The Trust provided funding towards start-up costs for Egni’s development of solar energy on community-owned buildings in Wales.

West Solent Solar Coop – Initial Grant Funding  The provision of a grant to help get this solar cooperative project off the ground.
Scottish Crofting Federation – Common Grazings Event  Financial support for this event designed to safeguard and promote the rights, livelihoods and culture of crofters and their communities.
Sutton Community Farm – Electric Vehicle   Funding to support the purchase of an electric van, to help with a vegbox scheme at this community space.
Cambrian Railways – Orchard Project Funding for equipment to help establish an orchard alongside the heritage steam railway
Firth of Forth Lobster Hatchery – Expansion Project  The Trust supported a project designed to scale up the ability to produce lobsters, to release back into the sea.
Surfers Against Sewage – Sustainable Surfing Report  Funding was awarded to assist with the report, which identifies ‘a basic call to arms for surfers, one that harks back to the maverick, pioneer spirit that so often set apart surfers as a resourceful group of individuals intent on getting away from the mainstream and defining themselves in their own terms’ A copy of the report can be found here
Findhorn Foundation – New Education Building  Funding towards a new educational building at the spiritual community eco-village and holistic education centre. Read more here.
Lancaster Beekeepers – Dark Bee Revival Project  The Trust assisted in setting up new Bee colonies of the endangered British Dark Bee. Read more here

Wirral Barn Owl Trust – Barn Owl Nest Box & Camera Project  The trust funded 24 cameras plus associated materials for this wild barn owl conservation group. You can read more here
Kemerton Conservation Trust – Crayfish Conservation  In partnership with Buglife to support this project to ensure the future survival of the British White-clawed Crayfish.
Alastair Sawday’s Canopy & Stars – Startup Project   The funding from the Naturesave Trust helped in the startup of the ultra low impact, sustainable travel company – Canopy & Stars. Read more here
The Trails Trust – New Website   The Trust awarded a grant towards the cost of a new website for the Trails Trust, who promote non-motorised health, sport and leisure activities which support tourism and the local economy and protect our heritage of paths, trails and country lanes.
The Greenhouse Trust – Training and educational materials  The trust provided a grant to enable The Greenhouse Trust to develop volunteer training, and education and briefing materials.
Refurbiz Wiltshire & Swindon – Training and educational materials  This grant was to assist Refurbiz to alleviate fuel poverty and provide second lives for discarded electrical appliances. Read more here.
Edinburgh Cyrenians – Additional hives for apiary  The extension of the apiary was a valuable addition to the farm that helps vulnerable young people. Read more
Glebelands City Growers – Essential equipment  The Trust provided a grant to purchase a rotavator, an essential bit of equipment crucial for our soil preparation in this community market garden
Bradford Environmental Action Group – Forest of Bradford   The Trust contributed towards the planting of 30,000 trees in the 2003/2004 season. The grant also gave the opportunity to unlock additional funding to support the project
Shropshire Hills – Discovery Centre   Funding for the purchase of renewable energy kits to enable school children to have first-hand experience of renewable technology. Read more
Ackers Adventure Wind Turbine  – Bat Survey  Funding for a Bat Survey to ensure the go-ahead of a 20KW wind turbine at this site in Birmingham. Read more
Transition Town Lewes – Eco Opem House Website  Trust funding towards a website to share knoweledge on households who have achieved energy reductions and lowered carbon emmissions. Read more
Aclet Close Nursery school – Wildlife Project  Grant for planting trees, shrubs and grasses which will provide a habitat for a range of organisms, from small invertebrates upwards, and encourage butterflies and birds to populate and thrive in the area. Read more
Chirk Bank Community – Allotments and Gardens  Created five allotments and a community garden on the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal World Heritage Site.
Illston on the Hill Village Hall – Energy Conservation Project   The Trust contributed towards a solar array designed to cover much of the village halls electricity consumption and provide income for the community from the feed-in tariff. Read more
New Star College – Camping Pods  Grant awarded to National Star’s Outdoor Area Project, to convert a derelict outdoor area into a vibrant outdoor learning space for young people with complex disabilities.

The New Art Exchange – Renewable Excellence   Funding new solar panels to reduce carbon emissions and create new revenues to enhance and deliver community, outreach and young people’s services with and for the local community.

Sheringham Woodfields School  Grant funding for this specialist school to build a bespoke wheelchair accessible glass-free greenhouse which has been installed onto a newly laid concrete pad. Read more.
The National Lobster Hatchery – Expansion  Grant funding to assist in the scaling up of all aspects of lobster production, allowing more to be released into the sea each year.

The Future Trees Trust – Promotional Materials   This small grant was designed to assist the organisation to communicate their cause professionally at exhibitions and events. Read more

Whitby Esk Energy – Community Hydro   Grant funding for a community-owned 50kW Archimedes screw hydroelectric turbine on the River Esk at Ruswarp, near Whitby. Read more

For details on grants awarded by the Trust in 2016/17, see here –  Naturesave Trust Projects 2016/17.

The Naturesave Trust is a registered charity no. 1048505
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