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Our insurance partners

Our ultimate aim is to offer underwriting partners that are 100% fossil fuel free (i.e. do not insure or invest in fossil fuel assets) and instead invest their premium income both ethically and sustainably. Whilst change is finally happening, unfortunately, the insurance industry still has a long way to go.  To compensate, we will continue to divert income into our charity, The Naturesave Trust something we have been doing since we were founded in 1993, which has recently culminated in Naturesave donating over £1 million to environmental causes. We will also continue our efforts to lobby the industry to divest of its fossil fuel assets and to cease underwriting fossil fuel extraction. Success here would deliver unprecedented benefits for the climate and ecological crisis.

In the meantime, Naturesave continues to select insurance partners that most meet our needs.  Environmental credentials play a key part in this selection process, with a particular focus on supporting those insurers who are divesting their fossil fuel investments. We also aim to select partners who have committed to stop underwriting coal-fired power plants mines and coal mines.  Considerations like service and value for money are also taken into account, as are specific areas of specialism.

The following is a selection of the insurance partners we work with who are making positive steps forward with their environmental policies. None of these companies are yet offering insurance that is truly ethical.  All of them are still invested in fossil fuels and continue to support exploration. AXA, the best environmental performer according to Ethical Consumer, has pulled out of coal but is still supporting new oil and gas projects – despite the International Energy Agency concluding this was no longer an option if we want to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown.

Change will come, it’s a question of will it come quickly enough?  Our pledge is to use our influence, and pedigree as an ethical insurer, to persuade our insurance partners to act more rapidly. As our client base grows, so does our influence…

Canopius is a global speciality lines (re)insurer and one of the top 10 insurers in the Lloyd’s insurance market. Naturesave uses Canopius to underwrite our household policies primarily because of their support for insuring homes that employ non-standard construction that enable their owners to achieve high environmental performance ratings.  We welcomed the news that Canopius have now distanced themselves from the Carmichael coal mine in Australia. The controversial mine’s owners Adani. plan to extract 2.3bn tonnes of coal over its lifetime. Such is the power of insurance, that if no insurer will insure the project, it will not go ahead. At present we talking to Canopius to clarify their overall environmental stance. We would like to see a reference to their fossil fuel divestment strategy and a vision as to how they intend to operate in line with the Paris Agreement. Whilst we have always aimed to influence from within, we will be obligated to review our support for Canopius if we are unable to find answers to these questions.

In 2015 AXA was one of the first major financial firms to begin selling off its coal investments. The insurer is committed to reaching £28 billion in green investments by 2030. In November 2019 AXA pledged to stop insuring any new coal, tar sands and associated pipeline projects, by 2030 in OECD states and by 2040 around the world. Most promising is AXA’s recent admissions that it estimates current investments have 3.1C of ‘warming potential’ which is well above the 1.5C increase set by the Paris Agreement. As a result AXA has now declared it will align its business ‘with a 1.5C warming trajectory’  We call on other insurers to follow this ‘science based’ lead.  Despite AXA’s industry leading environmental actions, the company is still supporting new oil and gas projects, contrary to the advice of the International Energy Agency. Hopefully they can be persuaded to pull out of all new fossil fuel expansion and pave the way for the rest of the industry.

In May 2018 Allianz announced it would stop selling insurance to both single coal-fired power plants and all planned and operating coal mines. In practice this meant they would pull out of supplying cover for single-fired coal plants and coal mines. However, they gave themselves until 2040 to phase out all coal risks. Allianz claimed that it would lose £50m making this move, however that it makes more than twice that amount by insuring renewable energy projects. The insurer has pledged to stop investing in companies that do not cut their greenhouse emissions and plans to be carbon neutral by 2023. Allianz is a founder member of ClimateWise and sponsors a Climate Risk Research Award, funding PhD students to work on reducing the risk of extreme weather events and using technology to improve resilience to climate change.

As part of our ongoing concern to work with underwriters who understand climate change, we work with RSA Group, primarily with our renewable energy policies, a sector in which RSA have remained highly supportive. RSA has a specific focus on ‘Sustainable Future and was the first carbon neutral insurance company.

Naturesave has recently started working with Aviva to underwrite renewable energy projects. Aviva is the first major insurance company to set a target to achieve Net Zero by 2040, which is excellent news.  The firm, like all big insurers, manages are large investment portfolio valued at £300bn.  Aviva has now written to the 30 biggest CO2 emitters in this portfolio asking that set net zero emission goals and sign up to science based targets aligned to the Paris Agreement. Aviva has threatened to sell shareholdings in these companies if they fail to take this action.

Campaigns and organisations we love

Reinventing our economy – The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is working with business, government and academia with the visionary objective to redesign a positive future through the framework of the circular economy.


Go Go Green Electricity – It’s quick and easy to do and it will definitely help save the plant and most likely SAVE you money. Whilst, there are a number of websites that will help you switch and find the best green tariff, our favourite by far is Big Clean Switch.

Good Money Advice – For great advice on being greener and more ethical with your money it’s hard to beat the team at Good With Money. Be part of the ethical finance movement that is helping reshape one of the most powerful industry sectors on the planet.

Positive and practical climate action – Possible, (formerly 1010) are a highly effective campaigning organisation on a mission to speed up action on climate change. Our favourite campaigns include Riding Sunbeams, Blown Away and Climate Perks.

Help your staff to take no-fly holidays – the movement to encourage employers to offer paid ‘journey days’ to incentivise staff ditch the plane and choose low-carbon holiday travel. Here at Naturesave, we are founder members and pioneers of this movement and encourage other employers to take it up.

Better Century – We have partnered with Better Century, a network of individuals and organisations providing sustainable solutions and inspiration.  We hope this network will provide you with all the ways of living more sustainably in one place. It is a wonderful community of ordinary people who will give you impartial advice

Organisations we work with

Investing Ethically are independent financial advisors offering ethical pensions, investments, mortgages and wealth management.  Naturesave has an affinity arrangement with Investing Ethically, who will donate 10% of all initial fees and commissions to The Naturesave Trust for any policy acquired via this website.  Please mention Naturesave when you contact them.

The Climate Change and Emergency Bill has been written by scientists, lawyers and activists; it is gathering support from a broad range of campaign groups, businesses, charities and individuals. The bill has the potential to become the most significant move forward since the Climate Change Act 2008. Naturesave are strong supporters of this organisation.

Champions of One Planet Living –Bioregional champions a better, more sustainable way to live and are authors of the One Planet Living framework that Naturesave use for our Environmental Performance Reviews

Independent advice on living a low carbon lifestyleOne Home provides practical solutions on all things green including electric cars, solar panels, renewable heat, clean power, no-fly holidays, green gardening and sustainable food, as well as options for adapting to extreme weather events such as flooding and droughts.

Restoring a magical forest habitat – Trees for Life are seeking to bring back the globally unique Caledonian Forest and all its wildlife to the Scottish Highlands. Naturesave has a long-standing relationship with Trees for Life and currently use them to plant a tree for every new insurance policy we issue. You can read more about our tree planting program here.

Blue Patch

Beautiful British Made Sustainable Products – Naturesave are patrons of Blue Patch, a growing and sustainable marketplace for UK design, ethical fashion, eco-furniture, green gifts, organic & fair trade food

Trade associations

Regen – offers independent expert advice on all aspects of sustainable energy delivery. Regen use their technical, financial and policy knowledge to support a range of public and private sector organisations to make the most of their clean energy opportunities.

Community Energy England – This not for profit organisation is a voice for the community energy sector and help create the conditions within which community energy can flourish.

Community Energy Wales – a not for profit membership organisation that has been set up to provide assistance and a voice to community groups working on energy projects in Wales.

Organisations worth checking out

The Transition Network – A movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world
Castlefield – independent financial advisors on ethical investment
The Ethical Partnership – ethical financial advisers
Ethical Investors Group – ethical financial management and advice
Insuring It (UK) – site offering useful information about types of insurance
Findhorn Eco-Village – sustainable community living
Ethical Consumer – ethical scrutiniser of companies for concerned consumers
Life Cycle UK – charity which encourages people to cycle
RenewableUK (formerly BWEA) – the trade and professional body for the UK wind and marine renewable information.
Association of British Insurers – Trade body representing around 400 insurance companies.