Environmental Impairment Liability

Environmental Impairment Liability

Providing you with complete peace of mind for you and the environment during the construction and operational stage of your renewable energy project.

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At Naturesave, we understand that the construction phase for a renewable energy project is hugely complicated but we have the right kind of insurance cover to give you peace of mind. Our Environmental Impairment Liability insurance is a comprehensive policy covering the construction phase of your project against damage and/or pollution to the area of construction and the disruption of local sensitive ecosystems.

Environmental Impairment Liability provides broad coverage for losses arising from sudden pollution or gradual seepage released from the insured location as a key component for anyone looking to insure construction of a community renewable energy system above and beyond standard public liability cover.

Cover offered:

  • Contractors’ Pollution Liability
  • Contaminated Land Liability Insurance
  • Operational Pollution Insurance
  • Damage to Eco-systems

Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) insurance can form part of a contractual obligation in the construction phase or as part of a tenancy agreement for a renewable energy project during the operational phase.

  • EIL provides cover for potential claims from regulatory bodies and third parties.
  • EIL cover includes liabilities arising from the implementation of the EU Environmental Liability Directive.
  • EIL cover includes cover for onsite clean-up costs as required by Environmental Law.
  • EIL cover includes third party and regulatory claims from contractors pollution risks from the contractors work either disturbing pre-existing contamination or from their own source.

Our proposal forms for this cover are listed below:

If you are unsure about the level of cover required, please do not hesitate to call us directly on 01803 864390 or Contact Naturesave for help and/or a quotation.

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