Community Solar Insurance

Would you like your community solar energy project to be truly green?

We’ve been providing green insurance products since 1993 and were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2011.

Naturesave provides a wide variety of Solar Insurance products for the renewable energy sector whether large or small scale projects. We’re an innovative provider of Solar Insurance and other Renewable Energy Insurance products to assist the development of the renewables industry.

Community Solar Insurance Products

We provide the following community solar insurance products. Click the link to download the relevant solar insurance proposal forms:

Community Solar Insurance Cover

Depending on your needs, our solar insurance products may offer the following cover:

  • Construction risks (including testing and commissioning and advance loss of profits)
  • Transit risks (including delay in start-up loss of profits)
  • Engineering risks (operational machinery breakdown)
  • Material damage
  • Loss of revenue & business interruption
  • Employers, Public & Products liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors & Officers and Trustee Liability
  • Lack of wind / sun bespoke packages

If you have a specialised renewable energy insurance requirement, please contact us on 01803 864390. We always prefer to speak to people.

Green Insurance Service

Depending on your requirements, our solar insurance products offer the following service:

  • Renewable Energy insurance products to manufacturers, contractors or designers & operators
  • Insurance for community renewable projects (micro renewables)
  • Access to a full range of renewable energy insurers
  • Fast and efficient claims administration and management
  • An ethical alternative to your current insurance arrangements
  • Competitive premiums
  • Flexible payment methods

For developers of renewable energy systems

We can additionally accommodate developers who have a portfolio of renewable energy systems at competitive premiums and excesses/deductibles for both products. Economies of scale are offered on all products whether large or small.

Other Renewable Energy Insurance Products

We can also offer green insurance cover for the following renewable energy systems:

  • Wind turbines (onshore and offshore) – including anemometers, LIDARs & other wind measuring systems
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) – biomass and wood chip boiler systems
  • Solar Photo voltaic & active solar thermal systems
  • Wave & tidal marine renewable systems
  • Hydro-electric facilities
  • Hydrogen fuel cell technologies
  • Waste to energy systems
  • Biogas – Landfill & anaerobic digestion
  • Lack of wind / sun bespoke packages

If you have a specialised renewable energy insurance requirement, please contact us on 01803 864390. We always prefer to speak to people.

Naturesave offers two basic renewable energy insurance products:

Get Your Quotation

In the event that you would like a quotation please download the relevant form in the Insurance Documents Downloads, complete and return to Naturesave Policies Ltd. Alternatively, please call us on 01803 864390.

Community Renewable Energy Grants

The Naturesave Trust now provides start up grants for community renewable energy projects – for more information, visit our Naturesave Trust page.

Domestic Renewable Energy Insurance

For more information on cover we provide for renewable energy systems in your home, please click Home Buildings, Contents & Renewable Energy Systems Insurance.

This product is for renewable energy systems under 50kW that have been installed by MCS approved contracts and are eligible for the Feed in Tariff.

Green insurance doesn’t have to cost the earth

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